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Welcome to a new frontier with ForexGridMaster v5.00 just out of beta today.

ONLY owners of an FGM Trial-version or Full-version can access the rest of the Forums by Registering with your Client code assigned when you made your FGM purchase.
Once you have registered we will be automatically notified, confirm that you are an FGMer (owner of FGM Trial or Full-version) and then set permissions to activate you as a Client, giving you full access to the following non-public forums (sub-forums not listed here) ...

  • FGM Documentation, Files and Downloads
  • FGM Strategy Development
  • FGM Money Management Methods
  • FGM Back-Testing and Optimization
  • FGM Active Strategies and Performance
  • FGM General Discussion
  • FGM Software Support
  • FGM Future Enhancements
  • Brokers, VPSs and Latency
  • FGM Trading Contests
  • FGM Developers Forum

FGM is a MetaTrader 4 Expert Advisor (MT4 EA) Automatic Forex Trading Robot. FGM is transparent and user friendly, built to enable traders to create their own automatic trading strategies without having to do any programming. We are a strong community of traders here in this forum, sharing ideas and strategies for the benefit of all FGMers. We really mean it when we say that traders can build an unlimited number of strategies with FGM. We are also willing to add new features to ForexGridMaster requested by our members that we consider to be an improvement worth adding.

ForexGridMaster v5.00 is a very high quality Industrial Strength Automatic Forex Trading Robot, not a hyped up cheap black-box scam product here today and gone tomorrow. I have been trading Forex full-time professionally since 2002, and developing FGM since August, 2005 and have worked with 11 different programmers. Recently, the best of them all, the Master Programmer of v3.01 has come back to complete FGM v5.00, by coding a total reconstruction of all that went before, a vast improvement at the leading edge limits of MT4. Since 2003 I have carefully selected and tested more than 200 EAs, what looked like winning robots and to this day, none of them have been consistently profitable yet, if profitable at all. This is why in 2005 I decided to build my own robot to support traders for the long run with real open source transparent strategy development.

You will find no hype here designed only to get your money. In fact we encourage all traders interested in ForexGridMaster to start with the Trial-version and make sure that they understand how FGM works and how they can create reliable profitable strategies that are customized to their needs, trading style and preferences, before moving on to the Full-version and trading real money. Build your robot trading skills and confidence first, please, and we are here to help as we support Trial-version owners as well as Full-version owners.

We set FGM Trial-version expiration dates to at least 3 months away from purchase date and we offer free expiry date extensions in exchange for some participation here in the forum and registering a strategy or two either on the FGM performance page (private to you and admin, or public with your permission) and or at at your convenience.

We've already gotten a good start with FGMv5.00 and its new settings, having a few good reliable conservative strategies that can consistently profit from 3% to 7% per month on fully automatic, which compounds to one year profits of 42% to 125%, or two year profits of 103% to 407%, or three year profits of 189% to 1042%, and so on. Einstein is credited with saying that the most powerful thing in the Universe is compound interest. We have built the power of compounding into ForexGridMaster. We also have a compounding Calculator and samples at Profiting from the banksters on their turf is not an easy job, so let's put our minds together, build our own safe and profitable strategies, make some money, help our families and friends, contribute to humanity, and enjoy life.
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