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ForexGridMaster v5.00 Out of the Gate

AUDNZD Strategy

This is a very profitable totally hands off ForexGridMaster v5.00 (Sep 1-13, out of beta ) fully automatic CounterTrend strategy trading the AUDNZD. The audnzd price action is mostly within a tight range with a lot of ups and downs, and has been for years. This a great opportunity to trade grids with GridSpacing set to as low as 3 pips between trade orders as long as FGM's new automatic HedgeGrid system settings are used with appropriate values to successfully handle any unexpected large fast trend, price spike moves, or weekend gap moves. With larger Main_GridSpacing, 5 pips and up, plus use of Main_GridSpacingStep, and low profit targets, no hedging works too and is usually more profitable without the hedging.

A snapshot along the way of ForexGridMaster v5 beta in action.

ForexGridMaster Chart Stats

In the background and during the few breaks I've had from FGMv5 beta program logic and testing, an enormous task, I have been back-testing audnzd strategies with Main_GridSpacing from MGS=3 up to MGS=20 since Dec 8-12 and creating a bit of a record of my progress here. Any of those MGS values can work depending on other FGM settings values chosen and target profit per week and risk tolerance.

The back-tests below produced profit results that seem impossible. You can imagine how excited I was. The most profitable tests would only back-test for 2-4 weeks and then they would stop because they were so over the top profitable, the max lot sizes allowed by the brokers were reached and the back-tests automatically stopped. This is an excellent example however, of why it is so important to test all strategies over at least 3 to 4 year historical periods and always up to present time. The back-testing periods for these below started Jan 1, 2009. All the results were fantastic for all of 2009 and 2010 but then the audnzd price action changed after that and these strategies simply did not profit as much, but they did clearly show me the changes I needed to make for variations of the same strategies to work well for the following two years right up to present time. The newer strategy variations of course have to also work in the older historical periods and they do very well.

1) --- posted Dec 13-12 --- Profited 778% in 10 weeks - audnzd_20090101-20090311_778pc.pdf - 0.3 mb kb
2) --- posted Dec 14-12 --- Profited 10105% 25 days - audnzd_20090102-20090127_10105pc.pdf - 1 mb
3) --- posted Dec 18-12 --- Profited 217672% in 5 months - audusd_20090101-20090528_217672pc.pdf - 2 mb
4) --- posted Jan 10-13 --- Profited 143612% in 2 weeks - audnzd_20090212-20090226_143612pc.pdf - 2 mb
5) --- posted Jan 10-13 --- Profited 6722% in 30 months - audnzd_20090525-20111110_6722pc.pdf - 2 mb
6) --- posted Jan 10-13 --- Profited 90148% in 6 months - audnzd_20100108-20100701_90148pc.pdf - 3 mb
7) --- posted Jan 21-13 --- Profited 7840% in 2 years - audnzd_20110101-20130110_7840pc.pdf - 6 mb

8) --- posted Jan 30-13 - audnzd_20110101-20111201_8287pc.pdf - 12 mb - This test was stopped and lost because we had a snow storm blizzard here with power outage. Check out this chart image to see it completed 1560 Runs. The max FED (Floating Equity Drawdown has been 36.92% which is excellent given the tremendous amount of profit gained.

9) --- posted Feb 23-13 - These 3 graphs below represent one of many successful recent StrategyTester back-tests on audnzd M1 data. The back-test period was from Jan 1-09 to Jan 10-13 on an FXOpen ecn demo using a fixed spread of 2.0 pips (more than the FXOpen average ecn audnzd spread). It took 3 tests to cover the full testing period because StrategyTester was stopped when the profit was so huge that the maximum broker lot size was reached and it didn't allow any more trading. So I started the 2nd test from where the first left off and the 3rd from where the 2nd left off. I have done much more testing since this and will post here as soon as I get the time to do so.

Jan 1-09 to Apr 15-09 profit 848255% and CloseRunLossPercent=50% not triggered. Download Statement - 2 mb zip
Jan 1-09 to Apr 15-09 profit 848255%

Apr 15-09 to Jun 23-10 profit 799441% and CloseRunLossPercent=50% not triggered. Download Statement - 5 mb zip
Apr 15-09 to Jun 23-10 profit 799441%

Jun 23-10 to Jan 1-13 profit 19203% and CloseRunLossPercent=50% was triggered 2 times, so less profit but still an amazing amount of profit. Download Statement - 2 mb zip file. I have further optimized this strategy to do even better and with no 50% drawdowns.
Jun 23-10 to Jan 10-13 profit 19203%.gif

I have since optimized (NOT curve fitted) the strategy for even more profit and less floating equity drawdown. One problem I encountered is not being able to convert the html-gif statements to pdfs for much smaller file size because the statements are from 40 to 70 mb each, in spite of using Adobe Acrobat XI (the best). I just figured out this morning however that simply zipping the html-gif statements reduces files sizes down to 3 to 7 mb so can now do that and upload them here. Also I will show the optimization reports. For example, one optimization test which did 192 passes only had 4 of them not in profit, and most of the others in very high profit, so I have many variations of the audnzd strategy which I am narrowing down to the most profitable and the safest, a few choices in the end.

11) --- posted May 28-13 - I am even more busy than I was before, so haven't had hardly any time for strategy development. I am still beta testing non-fIxed MainGrid and HedgeGrid settings and different combinations of the two, very complex and time consuming. Here is one strategy file I back-tested when testing HedgeGrid_FixedCenter=false ... audnzd_nfhg_bsct5_tot60_lsp.00025-ip4_otp13_hcz250_hlsp.001-ip5_htot10_crpp0.5_crlp50.set which profited a whopping 96,493% from 2010.01.01 to 2013.04.13, in spite of experiencing one 50 percent CloseRunLoss on May 26, 2011. Here is a 3 mb zip file of the statement which is 71 mb when unzipped, so if you don't have one of the latest and greatest powerful computers, you may have difficulty opening it entirely. You can easily open the 10 kb gif image by itself to see the equity/balance curve. Here's a chart snapshot along the way as well ... acc490023_audnzd-bsct-lsp.00025_20100101-20120131_47911pc_1x50pc-losscloserun.png.

12) --- posted Sep 9-13 - Whew, finally have v5.00 out of beta. What a long challenging journey that has been!

All the best, James

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