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Optimization Report ID 75 --- Number of Passes 46   « back to list of reports
Strategy --- audnzd_bsct5-s0.1 lsp.0001-11-ip12-13_tp15-17-s0-0.2_crppbts1-7

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Client ID:JKI_001 Currency Pair:audnzd Max PM:15.69% Max DD:69.68%
Test Model:Open prices Spread:2.50 Avg PM:9.28% Avg DD:39.72%
Broker:IC Markets Account Balance:25000 Min PM:7.35% Min DD:26.85%
Leverage:1:500 Chart Equity:0 Start Date2013-01-01 End Date:2014-03-15
Passes:46 Preset file:  View or Download         Report file:  View or Download

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